Armstrong Basketball Academy provides small group and individual training for WA Basketball players from beginner to advanced level.

Small Group Training is based around skill development in a small class environment and is our most popular and most effective way to improve your overall basketball game.  Our small groups are constructed based on the player skill level.  Groups are generally kept to 5-6 players at the most.

Classes are $30 per person, per session.

Private 1x1 Training is designed to work on specifically targeted areas for skill improvement, mechanics & coordination. We can achieve a greater degree of technical improvement with individual lessons compared to team practice sessions.  1x1 training packages can be used in 1 week or across a number of weeks or months. The lessons can be filmed and provided to the athletes to assist in further development.

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The 10 Lesson Package is recommended as a minimum as this allows us to set realistic goals for improvement over a number of weeks or months.

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