1x1 and SMALL GROUP High Performance WORKOUTS

The High Performance 1x1 or Small Group Training sessions are designed for WABL players looking to take their game to the next level. These sessions are our premium workouts and only suitable for players currently competing at a WABL level. 
Work individually with our coaches or in a small group, no extra charge for up to 4 athletes, bring a friend and share the cost!
Please note: training schedule needs to be confirmed with Coaching Director before payment is made.

Individual or Group Workouts, which is right for you?
Group Basketball Sessions
At a group session, we gather athletes of a similar level together, cutting down costs. These usually run once or twice per week for 1.5hrs
Pros: The main advantage of group sessions is the cost as they’re less expensive than private sessions. They're also more sociable, allowing you to workout with new players whose basketball level is like yours.
Cons: You'll be sharing your coach with other people, so you won't get their undivided attention. This means that progression is usually slower than in private lessons which, in turn, means that group lessons are generally less intense than private ones. 

Click here for more info about our Group Academy Sessions.
Private Basketball Workouts
In Private Workouts you'll get a coach all to yourself. Individual coaches can run 1x1 or small groups and can generally accommodate small groups of up to 4 people at no extra charge, so they're a great option for friends and team mates as long as everyone's level is more or less the same. The private workouts are 1 hours each.
Pros: The main advantage is you’ll get personalised attention, so you can improve at your own pace and focus on the skills you want to master or those you struggle more with. These workouts are the quickest way to improve your fundamental basketball skills.  Private workouts are also more flexible in time, duration and location than group sessions, so they’re a good option when you want your lesson to start and end at specific times.
Cons: Private workouts are more expensive than group sessions. (However, their cost can be split when sharing your coach with your friends/teammates, up to 4 at no extra charge, reducing the price per person considerably). 

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