Athletes completing WABL/SBL Intensive Individual Workouts with Armstrong Basketball can also choose a 45-minute Individual Strength session with Diamond Fitness at the Christ Church Grammar School gym.

The purpose of this offering is to provide discounted 1x1 Workouts for any Armstrong Basketball athletes looking to improve their strength, power, vertical jump and reduce injury.


  • 45-minute session before or after 1x1 Workout with Armstrong Basketball
  • Sessions can be booked Monday-Thursday between 5:00pm and 8:00pm
  • Individual session cost is $70.00 per athlete.  
  • Bookings need to be confirmed a minimum 1 week prior 


To provide a true High-Performance strength, conditioning and training environment for current and future High-Performance athletes.

Access to the latest Strength & Conditioning technology as well as mental skills workshops. Focused on creating successful people (not just athletes). 

This is a true Strength & Conditioning program and will also assist players to develop skills to endure the rigours of elite sports


  • Strength & Conditioning testing at the start of the program and then ongoing every 12 weeks, depending on athlete tournament scheduling - this is included in the monthly membership cost 
  • Access to Diamond Fitness High Performance HQ in Osborne Park. Unlimited visits with a trainer on the floor at all times.
  • Allocated weekly small group session at CCGS during the hours of 5:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Full training program and access via training app
  • Access to High Performance workshops
  • Progress tracking
  • 6-month program commitment required
  • Cost - $99.00 + GST per month


Provide athletes with exposure to Strength and Conditioning training.

Provide a group training environment and improve minimum levels of Strength and Conditioning  


  • $215 per 1-hour session
  • Max 20 players per session
  • Can be focused on speed, agility, conditioning or strength
  • Mental skills sessions also available
  • Sessions held at Osborne Park High Performance HQ


  • Christ Church Grammar School Gym - Claremont
  • Diamond High Performance Centre - Osborne Park


We are an inspired group who are successful, driven and focused on making a genuine change to an industry we believe in.

We are a group of highly experienced strength and conditioning coaches, exercise physiologists, sport scientists and fitness trainers. We pride ourselves on delivering the best science with the best practice, all within an individualised format which is easy to learn, execute and maintain.

 We educate our clientele by assisting them to actualise their goals, allowing them to take that knowledge and continually apply this to maintain an everlasting physiological and physiological change.


This is not just for our professional athletes, our PERFORMANCE programming is CUSTOMISED for YOU. Whatever your goals: Strength, Injury Rehabilitation, Fitness, Fat Loss or Something more specific we can help you on your JOURNEY to achieve!


Designed by founder Rich Daly the Diamond Performance Centre it is a work of art. Created with two decades of experience, combining the best from traditional gyms, cross-fit and elite strength and conditioning facilities to provide the perfect space for all workout types. Whether your completing technical Olympic lifts, HIIT circuits, speed training or plyometrics we've got you covered.

Please note: training schedule needs to be confirmed with Coaching Director before payment is made


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